BLL1214-250 Transistor

( 9606210610 )

ترانزیستور باند L رادار LDMOS

BLL1214-250 L-band radar LDMOS transistor

Manufacture Part Number: BLL1214-250

PARS Part Number: 111B12140

Package: SOT502A

Manufacture Company: PHILIPS

1,159,922 تومان

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· High power gain
· Easy power control
· Excellent ruggedness
· Source on mounting base eliminates DC isolators,reducing common mode inductance.


· L-band radar applications in the 1200 to 1400 MHz frequency range.


Silicon N-channel enhancement mode lateral D-MOS transistor encapsulated in a 2-lead flange package (SOT502A) with a ceramic cap. The common source is connected to the flange.