AVA-183A+ Amplifier

( 9606210700 )

تقویت کننده یک پارچه 5 تا 18 گیگا هرتز 50 اهم

Monolithic Amplifier 5 to 18 GHz , 50Ω

Manufacture Part Number: AVA-183A+

PARS Part Number: 113av83a0

Package: DQ849

Manufacture Company: MINI CIRCUITS

44,802 تومان

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General Description

The AVA-183A+ is a surface mount, microwave amplifier and fully integrated gain block up to 18 GHz. It is packaged in Mini-Circuits industry standard 3x3 mm MCLP package, which provides excellent RF and thermal performance. The AVA-183A+ integrates the entire matching network with the majority of the bias circuit inside the package, reducing the need for complicated external circuits. This approach makes the AVA-183A+ extremely flexible and enables simple, straightforward use.

The AVA-183A+ is a wideband monolithic amplifier with outstanding gain flatness up to 18 GHz. It is manufactured using PHEMT technology and is unconditionally stable. Its outstanding isolation enables it to be used as a wideband isolation amplifier or buffer amplifier in a variety of microwave systems.

Product Features

• Gain, 13.8 dB typ. & Flatness, ±1.2 dB
• Output Power, up to +19.0 dBm typ.
• Excellent isolation, 36 dB typ. at 12 GHz
• Single Positive Supply Voltage, 5.0V
• Integrated DC blocks, Bias-Tee & Microwave bypass capacitor
• Unconditionally Stable
• Aqueous washable; 3mm x 3mm SMT package

Typical Applications

• Military EW and Radar
• Wideband Isolation amplifier
• Microwave point-to-point radios
• Satellite systems